Applyzer Analyzes App Performance Geographically

Posted on Aug 10, 2009 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

In follow-up to our last post on how we analyze performance of our paid and free medical applications, we’d like to share with you.  While the site design and interface may not be as clean as we’d like, the actual functionality is quite good.

We paid our 0.75 Euros and started analyzing performance of The ECG Guide for iPhone.  Of particular interest is the screenshot (edited for layout) below:

Applyzer Allows Geographic Analysis

Applyzer Allows Geographic Analysis

What this nicely shows is that App performance varies across the myriad of app stores from around the world.  Most users only can access their own App store and probably aren’t aware that App ranking varies considerably, country to country.  (Read this post if you manually want to look at different app stores from iTunes.) You can see in this limited screen shot that The ECG Guide is the number 2 App in El Salvador and Taiwan, number 3 in the USA, number 4 in Canada and going down the page, number 8 in Hong Kong.  The screenshot above is truncated, but if you followed it further down, one would see that our rank falls to the 20- 30 range, especially in countries with limited use of English.