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‘Calculate’ is a next-generation clinical calculator and decision support tool for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 10, and web, freely available to the medical community.


Focused on highlighting tools which impact clinical practice and serve to impact diagnosis, treatment or determining prognosis._


Driving better decisions at the point of care.


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  • Developed by a collaboration of clinician experts from diverse backgrounds
  • Point-of-care tools in the areas of cardiology, internal medicine, nephrology, general practice, hematology, gastroenterology, emergency medicine, oncology, orthopedics, respirology, neurology, neurosurgery, general surgery and obstetrics.
  • Converts recent research publications into practical handheld tools – knowledge translation at its best
  • Automatically adapts to your self-described clinical practice
  • Unique ‘Question Flow’ technology gets you answers, fast
  • Detailed references with PubMed & ‘Read’ integration
  • Comprehensive and insightful results
  • Elegant design and intuitive interface
  • SI and Imperial units
  • More than 200 Unique calculators and Decision Support tools
Reduce and predict perioperative complications
  • WHO Surgical Safety Checklist
  • Predictive models for cardiac surgery and coronary angiography
Guide treatment
  • Determine cardiovascular risk and guide lipid treatment using the Framingham and Reynolds Risk Scores
  • Use the CHADS2 an CHA2DS2-VASc score to guide treatment in atrial fibrillation
  • Better understand the risk of bleeding from anticoagulation in atrial fibrillation
  • ACS using the TIMI risk score
  • Burns with rule of 9s and Parkland formula
  • Hypernatremia (calculate water deficit)
Determine Prognosis
  • Heart failure
  • Lymphoma
  • Myelodysplastic Syndrome
  • Myeloma
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Hemodialysis
  • COPD
  • TIA
  • Pancreatitis
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Chemotherapy based on Body Surface Area
  • Carboplatin based on AUC
  • tPA in acute stroke
  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • Phenytoin in renal failure and hypoalbuminemia
  • Ideal body weight, BMI and BSA
  • Due date and gestational age
  • Extensive formula used in echocardiogropathy and invasive hemodynamic monitoring
  • Kt/V in hemodialysis patients
  • eGFR with CKD-Epi, Cockcroft-Gault, and MDRD
  • A-a gradient
  • Angina (CCS)
  • Congestive heart failure (NYHA)
  • Head, neck, ankle and knee injuries
  • DVT and PE
  • Pulmonary nodules
  • Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia
  • Infective Endocarditis
  • ARDS
  • Autoimmune Hepatitis
And much, much more…
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