PMID Citations with Read

This plugin allows you to add PubMed citations to WordPress sites with deep integration to the Read by QxMD service.


  • add PubMed citations to the body of any page/post
  • create a list of references at the bottom of any page/post
  • links are integrated with the Read by QxMD service to allow rapid access to full text articles through institutional subscriptions on both mobile and web

How it works

1.  Add a new plugin to your WordPress site.  Search for “PMID Citations with Read”.

2. Find the PubMed IDs of the articles you’re interested in.  These can be found on or

How to find a PMID on


How to find a PMID on

3.  To create a list of references at the bottom of your page or post, just add the PMIDs into the section on the upper right of screen called “PMID Citations with Read”.


4.  If you want to insert a citation into the middle of any post or page, just add the following shortcode:

Insert PMID

where “insert-PMID-here” is replaced by the PMID.

5.  Here is an example of what the reference list looks like.

Reference list