Fixing proxy for University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

We discovered today (August 20, 2013) that University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill has library proxy settings that were not compatible with Read. In order to provide you with continued full text access via Read, our team has fixed the automatic login for your university.

To sync the app up with the new settings:

1. Open the app and go back to the homescreen if you aren’t already there

2. Tap the Settings button: on iPad the button is in the top right; on iPhone it is in the top left of the homescreen (The button with the image of gears on it)

3. Now, we need to sync the app back with the server to make sure you can see the newly added proxy info. Tap the “Refresh” button.

4. Once the Refresh is complete, if you had changed to use the manual proxy and want to switch back to using the automatic login:

– Go back into the settings by tapping the gears button at the top right of the screen.

– Tap “Edit Proxy”

– Now you can change to the automatic login and enter your credentials and tap the Done button at the top right corner.