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Read by QxMD for iPad

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‘Read by QxMD’ provides a single place to keep up with new research, read outstanding topic reviews and search PubMed.
A simple interface drives discovery and seamless access to the medical literature by reformatting it into a personalized digital medical journal.
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Health care professionals working in Anesthesiology will benefit from clinical calculators and decision support tools found in Calculate by QxMD.
Relevant Tools
WHO Surgical Safety Checklist
Due Date Calculator
Child-Pugh Score (Perioperative Risk in Cirrhosis)
Invasive Hemodynamics
Revised Cardiac Risk Index (Lee Criteria) in Preoperative Assessment_
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Pedi-STAT is a rapid reference for managing pediatric patients in the emergent or critical care environment.
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The ECG Guide

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The Most Comprehensive Mobile ECG app.
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