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Read by QxMD for iPad

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‘Read by QxMD’ provides a single place to keep up with new research, read outstanding topic reviews and search PubMed.
A simple interface drives discovery and seamless access to the medical literature by reformatting it into a personalized digital medical journal.
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Health care professionals working in Emergency Medicine will benefit from clinical calculators and decision support tools found in Calculate by QxMD._
Emergency Medicine Tools
Use the CHADS2 score to guide treatment in atrial fibrillation
Better understand the risk of bleeding from anticoagulation in atrial fibrillation.
Will this patient benefit from a stress test? Calculate pre-test probability of coronary artery disease.
Calculate the TIMI risk score in ACS and STEMI
Use the EGSYS score to help rule out cardiac syncope and decide about hospital admission
Measure anion gap in metabolic acidosis
Measure osmolar gap in possible drug overdose
Guide admission in TIA based on ABCD2 Score
Peak Expiratory Flow Prediction in Asthma Exacerbation
Guide admission in pneumonia with the PORT score or CURB-65 Score
Correct hypernatremia by calculating water deficit
Manage burns with the rule of 9s and Parkland formula
Assess depression with the modified SAD PERSONS Scale
Canadian C-Spine Rule and NEXUS C-Spine Criteria
Canadian CT Head Rule
Ottawa Ankle Rule
Ottawa Knee Rule
Glascow Coma Scale (Adult and Pediatric)
Well’s Criteria for DVT and PE
tPA dosing in Acute Stroke
Pregnancy Due Date Calculator_
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AF Guide

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The AF Guide amalgamates the complex recommendations surrounding the management of patients with this common arrhythmia and distils them into an easy to use app.
A quick reference in the ER._
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Pedi-STAT is a rapid reference for managing pediatric patients in the emergent or critical care environment._
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The ECG Guide

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The Most Comprehensive Mobile ECG app._
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