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Health care professionals working in Gastroenterology will benefit from clinical calculators and decision support tools found in Calculate by QxMD.

Relevant GI tools


Does your patient require admission and possible intervention for their upper GI bleeding (Blatchford score)?
Determine the risk of rebleeding & dying from upper GI bleeding using the Rockall score and Forrest Classification
Determine risk of relapse for alcohol abuse in the general population and post-liver transplantation
Determine severity of pancreatitis using the APACHE II score, Ranson’s criteria and the CT Severity index
Diagnose Autoimmune Hepatitis
Use the discriminant function to help determine prognosis and guide treatment in alcoholic hepatitis
Determine prognosis in cirrhosis with and without TIPSS
Calculate Child-Pugh and MELD scores
Use the MELD score to determine prognosis in alcohohlic hepatitis
Use the Child Pugh score to determine prognosis in alcoholic liver disease


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