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Health care professionals working in Nephrology will benefit from clinical calculators and decision support tools found in Calculate by QxMD.


Calculate by QxMD | Treatment of Staph Aureus Peritonitis_

A selection of relevant tools includes

eGFR (MDRD, CKD-EPI, Cockcroft-Gault)
Kidney Failure Risk Equation
Water deficit in Hypernatremia
Osmolal Gap in Potential Overdoses
Peritoneal Dialysis Tools
  • Access Care and Complications Manual including detailed content on management of PD catheters and infectious peritonitis
  • PD Prescription Guide with calculator to assist in determining the PD prescription and extensive manual to learn principles behind PD dose, adequacy and modelling.
  • Rapid Access to Clinical Practice Guidelines including CSN PD Adequacy Guidelines and Recommendations 2011, ISPD PD-Related Infections Recommendations 2010 and ISPD Guidelines for Peritoneal Access
  • Quick Assessessment of PD Candidacy using the MATCH-D tool
Estimate the risk dialysis after angiography or cardiovascular surgery
Estimate 6 month mortality of hemodialysis
Assess home dialysis (HHD and PD) candidacy using MATCH-D
Calculate creatine clearance based on a 24 hour urine collection
Calculate fractional excretion of sodium or fractional excretion of urea
Calculate URR and Kt/V in dialysis patients
Estimate the risk of progression in membranous nephropathy
Calculate TTKG (transtubular potassium gradient)
Henderson-Hasselbach equation
Calculate access recirculation
Adjust phenytoin levels in renal failure